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Here’s a List of My Recent Work

I update this page whenever I post something new, most usually to IGN (where I work) and almost always about videogames. I’m also on Twitter which is the best way to send messages and have a chat.

MAY 2012

Best Games Quotes of the Week - June 2

Including that whole thing with the nuns.

What Makes Diablo III So Darned Good?

Played the game and had some thoughts about it, so really felt obliged to write something.

How Steven Spielberg Inspired Today’s Top Shooters

Some good quotes fro a great little book made a nice story.

Are Porn and Games Basically the Same Thing?

This was fun to write. Smart people saying stupid things feeds my kids.

Best Games Quotes of the Week - May 26

Messin g around with the heads and pix with these features is great fun. To be honest, there’s probably a daily feature here with at least five entries. Wish I had the time.

Can Bungie Re-Invent Shooters, Again?

Despite thin details on the game itself, there’s a lot to be said about the challenges facing Bungie and the state of shooters today. Their hour-long documentary has about five minutes at the end which also added some insight.

Ten Appalling E3 Conference Gaffes

I have at through dozens of these events. I deserve this.

Best Games Quotes of the Week - May 19

More quotes.

Deep Silver Denies Dead Island 2 Plans

Spent almost an entire day chasing this story, which turned out to be almost nothing at all. That’s how it goes sometimes.

Gamers Reveal Next-Gen Console Desires

Massive feature looking at the results of a recent survey. Tons of work. I hate working with numbers, but tis was pretty interesting.

Road to E3: Darksiders II

These features can sometimes just be a load of rehashed info from previews, so I wanted  to try something different, while handing over as many facts as possible. i including some few tidbits I gleaned from THQ.

Most Gamers Cool with Same-Sex Themes

This was a large feature looking at various aspects of IGN readers’ relationship with social issues, but we pared it down to the one issue that is of the moment.

Best Games Quotes of the Week - May 12

Gaming bods making this wekend feature a stayer.

The Walking Dead: Why Lee Everett Really Matters

Loves this game and loved this character, It’s always nice to write about gaming experiences that feel important and personally rewarding.

Could Next-Gen Consoles Cost $99?

Called a few pals in Analyst-Ville to talk about the idea of consoles being subsidized by service subscriptions. I’m not saying its 100% going to happen, but it all makes sense.

Best Games Quotes of the Week - May 5

APRIL 2012

Best Games Quotes of the Week - April 28

Fourth week in, and some of the comments are suggesting that this column used to be better, back in the day! I spend all week collecting the quotes, which is a great way to stay on top of opinion and events.

Five Sure Signs of an Awesome Game Trailer

I’m always fascinated by how ads are made, and I like talking to the people who make them.

Nintendo’s Wii U Price Headache

Got talking to IGN’s Rich George, Audrey Drake and Peer Schneider, and banged this out on a Monday morning.

Will the Next-Gen Consoles Fail?

Interviews with some analysts on how those consoles are likely to sell. 

Best Games Quotes of the Week - April 21

Trying to find the right format for this. 15 quotes seems to be about right, assuming the material is available.

Apple is Set to Change Gaming

Opinion on that company’s likely plans in what we call the console market. It’s happening, but Apple is always likely to surprise us.

Murderous Psychopaths Play Games

Opinion-piece on Anders Breivik and his weird relationship with videogames. Touches on media reaction, but I find this less interesting than the man’s own habits.

Why the Two-Hour Game is the Future

Interviews with some interesting game developers on why short games are going to be huge. Great talking to the makers of hits like Journey, Dear Esther and Limbo.

Best Games Quotes of the Week - April 14

Still a lot of good quotes coming through from recent live events.

How to Get Insanely Rich Making a Massive Hit Game

Based on a DICE chat with Phil Larsen, one of the guys behind Fruit Ninja and an excellent interviewee.

Is Your Local Donut Shop the New Place to Trade Games?

Spoke to these games-trading start-up guys while they were at PAX East. Ended up being a bigger piece than first planned. I really wanted to use the pic of donuts, and it felt like a good angle.

Best Games Quotes of the Week

New weekly column. I spend a lot of time reading and I like to collect this sort of stuff. Seemed to make sense.

Hot Coffee: Gaming’s Greatest Story

Proud of this book review about Rockstar and GTA. I find those guys fascinating.

Opinion: Your Local Game Store is Going Bust

I’m always happy to talk about retail. The Internet has given us a major behavioral change in how we buy things, and I think it’s mostly good.

Larry Comeback “Won’t be Porn” Says Publisher

Quick chat with the guys behind the original - and the new - Leisure Suit Larry.

Game Developers’ Next-Gen Wish List

Cribbed quotes from a good piece in Gamasutra. Not ashamed to give our readers good stuff like this, especially if it means linking to my pals at Gama or other great trade sites.

Is Sega Really in Trouble?

Analysis of Sega after its recent lay-offs. Shame they didn’t want to participate. Great opportunity to explain things away from the usual canned statements. All these companies are pretty much the same in this regard.

Are Consoles Dead?

I was only going to go back to April 1 for this list, but this was a biggie that dropped mid-March. It was our fifth biggest story of the month and the second biggest non-review (behind the Mass Effect ending controversy).